Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Ultimate Plan to Dealing with Difficult People: Your Free PDF Download

Whiners, Lazies, Bullies, Passive Aggressives, Stubborns and the list goes on. How to Deal with Difficult People is frequently a top request
in many of the workshops I do. While it may seem there are unique solutions to each type of difficult person, I've found there is an underlying general approach that will give you power in most every situation.

I've put it on my website for you to download and use.

For your copy of the "Ultimate Plan for Dealing with Difficult People" pdf click on the link below and save the document to your computer.

Download by Clicking Here.
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Be an A-Lister! 2 B-Lists to Get you There!

A-listers is a term commonly used for those elite Hollywood stars that make over $15 million per film. While I want each one of you to be an A-lister, I don't share the Hollywood definition of what it means. I think that the Hollywood definition is dangerous to us all because it defines success by monetary income/wealth or the "Stuff" we've accumulated. For me an A-Lister is someone who is simply happy with their life because they are meeting the goals they set for themselves no matter what they are.

I consider my mother-in-law an A-Lister. As cattle ranchers in central Alberta you don't make anywhere near the money that Hollywood's A-Listers do, but it doesn't matter. Spend a day with her on her farm and you will experience and know what true happiness and peace is. You will have spent a day with an A-lister.

I want to share a secret. Most A-listers will tell you that their success comes from being an avid, die hard B-lister. This blog is about sharing with you two B lists that can be powerful in helping you achieve success in your life.

B - List #1: Your Bucket List

Made famous by the movie starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman (2 thumbs up from this reviewer), a Bucket List is simply a list of 10 or so things you want to do before you die or "kick the bucket". Go ahead, take a moment and jot them down. It is amazing to me, how many people are totally dissatisfied in life because realistically they do not have any goals other than to maybe "Be Happy".

The irony of happiness, joy & fulfillment is that they only come with achievement, growth, success. Having Bucket List Goals give us something to work and grow towards. They help us define success so we know when we have achieved some. A big danger in life is that we always feel incomplete as society convinces us we don't have it all yet. When you know what your Goals are you know when you've achieved success. No one can tell you otherwise.

Bucket List goals don't have to be and shouldn't be all about "stuff","things". My mother-in-law is a great A-lister example of where they are not. They can be about relationships, faith, balance, giving etc. The existence of goals though, puts purpose back in a life that may have been missing it. We all know that purpose is key to motivation.

I don't care how young you are 3, 30 or 94.. it is never too late to experience the benefits of a Bucket List! There is power in knowing what your goals are and not letting anyone sway you from them.

B - List #2: Your Baggage List

This list hasn't had any movies made about it yet but I'll consider any offers :O).

I invented the Baggage List last week during my 'Dealing with Emotions' workshops in Calgary, Edmonton & Vancouver.

The Baggage List is 5 things that are currently weighing you down and will kill you (not necessarily literally, although I think we've all seen that) if you don't deal with them!

Baggage List items kill Bucket List items because they stop us dead in our tracks by miring our focus on our problems, struggles etc. Personal Baggage Lists kill productivity in organizations.

The Great News about our Baggage List is that we don't have to solve them to drop them and continue running towards our Bucket Goals. We just need to know their is a plan in place for resolution. At that point we can drop the worry and not have it weigh us down.

One common example of a Baggage List item may be personal finances. If you are in debt for $100000 and it has you stressed out, it doesn't take a cheque for $100000 to drop it of your List.

Sitting down with a financial planner and looking at the truth of the situation and coming up with a realistic plan for financial health can drop the worry from your mind and allow you to immediately, today, start to focus on running and doing the things that will lead to your success tommorrow.

With no plan we spend most of our days consumed by worrying. Not the life I wish for any one of us.

So Here is the Plan:

Write down a Bucket List and Ditch each item on your Baggage List
with a plan around it.

Here's to seeing each other on the A-List!
Have a great week.

Some Feedback from Last Week's "Dealing With Emotions" Workshops:

"I sometimes get nervous about going to these courses, mostly because of fear of meeting new people. This was the best course I have ever attended. David did a fantastic job of engaging our group. I loved it and learned so much. Thanks!"

"At first I was taken back by your very high energy levels but soon I came to realize that this was going to be one of the best learning days ever. I came away with so much great information and I wasn't bored for a second. Thank You!"

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Power of Emotional Intelligence: Anything But Fluff!

This week I launch out in Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver teaching a "Managing your Emotions in the Workplace" workshop. If history is any predictor the word "Emotion" will scare away some people from the class. It is a dangerous word to put in to the title of any course from an attendance point of view.

I've met alot of professionals who scoff at the discussion of anything to do with emotions as weak and unproductive. Fluff is a word I've heard more than once. If you lean that way, consider these stats:

1) More than 50 percent of North American employees lack the motivation to keep learning and improving on the job.

Most people would tell you they want to learn and grow but many can't get past anger and/or bitterness that halts them in their tracks. Do you know anyone stuck in resentment or bitterness over something unresolved in the past? What is that burden costing that individual? Their Team?

2) Four in 10 people are not able to work co-operatively with fellow employees.
Conflict left unmanaged grows from small events to all out battles and I'm not surprised that 4 out of 10 people are not able to work co-operatively with fellow employees. How much is employees who refuse to work with each other costing your organization?

3) Only 19 percent of entry-level applicants have enough self-discipline in their work habits.So it turns out that entry level applicants are like most of us with our New Year's Resolutions! We don't have the discipline to carry out our goals. Not because we lack the skills and ability to do the job.. Its just that without the stress of deadlines and accountability there is always something more important to do, like watch Criminal Minds on TV.

4) Billions of Dollars are wasted on development training (As a trainer, I can't believe I just wrote that !).. leading to a less than desired return on investment in leadership training.
Many of us KNOW what we need to do to fix the things that are wrong around us. We have daydreamed and had nightmares about it for years. It isn't knowledge that is the sole missing link, it is the COURAGE to do what we know we need to do.

That's where Emotional Intelligence is so powerful in translating training that doesn't give results into a powerful vehicle for change and growth in your company. It helps employees get to the root cause of unproductivity.

If you recognize the opportunity and manage it, Emotions will become a very powerful catalyst for positive change in your life.

I like the analogy of snow, in small doses it is soft and fluffy, but ignored when it packs to together it unleashes an avalanche that you don't want to be anywhere near.

Don't ignore Emotional Intelligene training. Helping employees recognize and effectively manage their emotions and those around them can pay considerable and measureable cash dividends for your company.

That my friends, is HARDCORE!

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Incredible Power of Authenticity for Business

Authenticity. Freedom to be yourself. YOURSELF .... complete with all your glorious strengths and weaknesses.

To place yourself in your authenticity is a powerful place for both corporations and individuals. I'd like to spend a bit on why it is so important for companies and how Social Media can be an important tool in finding it.

As an example, let me brag on a favorite restaurant of mine in Calgary called Marathon. Located on 10th St NW in Calgary's trendy Kensington district it serves up awesome Ethiopian fare.

A couple fundamental distinctions of Ethiopian food & culture. First, there are no knives and forks! Ethiopian ethnic delights are served up on a common platter on top of a spongy bread called Injera which you tear and use to scoop up your food. Second, Ethiopia runs on a 13 month calendar as compared to our 12 month calendar (which will be relevant in describing the timeliness of their service :O) )

As with every single corporation out there, this restaurant comes with its strengths and weaknesses.

Some Strengths: Amazing & Fresh Food, Relaxed Atmosphere and Jazzy type music, Owners whose smiles and laughter could cheer up a continent.

Some Weaknesses: The service can seem like they are on a different calendar: slow. Parking can be limited in the area.

Whether you are happy with this restaurant will depend on your goals for going there. If you want a quick bite before heading out to a movie or play you will almost certainly end up being extremely frustrated and disappointed if not angry. If you are there for business there will be a moment of awkwardness as you both weren't quite prepared to share a platter never mind doing so with your bare hands/fingers (you can get knives and forks if you ask)
However, if your goal is to spend some quality time with a person you love or want to get to know better, then this is the perfect place. You won't feel the rush to vacate your table for the next "shift". The slowness of service won't matter as you fully engage in conversation with your partner over a glass of wine and some relaxing music. The wait will seem worth it when you taste this fresh and fantastic fare with its complex flavours from spicy berbere dishes to comfort food lentil based creations all brought together perfectly by a sweet vinegar salad that refreshes your palette for every next bite. As your hands cross the platter to gather your next mouthful it brushes against your partner's hand which is reaching for something on your side. You get the picture... It is incredible.

I think the danger for business comes when we try to be everthing to everyone. Marathon's long term success will come in marketing itself simply for what it is. Unique flavors, Great People and a leisurely dining experience. I think there is a huge market in any city for that.

When we figure out our authenticity as a business, our authenticity being our strengths and the real, true experience customers will have when they engage us in our environment, great things happen.

a)We attract people looking for what we have to offer and we can just be relaxed and genuinely ourselves in serving them. A fundmental truth in managing people is to know that fundamentally people don't change. If you are constantly trying to be someone else in your life as a business its a tough road.

b) We push away potential clients who would only be dissatisfied and angry with our products and services. You cut down on the huge cost of trying to service that segment of our customer base today and you don't have them walking about of your business telling 10 friends about how crappy your product/service/business is.

Here's where I believe every business needs to leverage the power of Social Media. You see in the old days that dissatisfied customer would talk to those 10 friends over the phone. You couldn't see it, hear it which meant you couldn't react to it. My experience as a Retail Manager suggests that 9 out of 10 dissatisfied customers leave your store and never come back without ever confronting you on your issue (giving you a chance to make them happy).

Today, instead of talking to 10 friends on the phone, they are talking to thousands of friends on the Web! While the viral nature of web reviews and comments seem daunting, it actually should be viewed as an opportunity.

You see in the old days you couldn't react to the complaining because you didn't hear their phone conversations. Today, whether your company has a formal presence in Social Media or not, it doesn't stop the public from talking about you in these channels.

The opportunity is to listen. Google Alerts, for example lets you have Google keep an eye out for any new entries on the Web that contain search terms which you define. One of them should be your company or product name and any shortforms of it. When new "discussions" appear on the web, Google emails you automatically and points you to it.

You may or may not like what you hear but feedback is the essence of any businesses growth and it will be powerful in helping you define your authenticity in the eyes of your customer base (which is often different then what we see it as). Your authenticity will then allow you to be targetted with the search tags and keywords you use in helping the right audience find you.
If it is on average 10 times more expensive to attract a new customer then retain an old one then you should delight in your new ability to respond to these customer concerns and potentially turn bad experiences into raving fans for your business.

I encourage you to start embracing various Social Media platforms for the opportunity it gives you to find your authenticity. My last thought: "You may be able to eak out a living outside of your authenticity, but you will find LIFE when you dare place yourself in it."

Monday, March 7, 2011

What does your Team see: Power or a Person?

Here is a question I heard this weekend for all you Leaders, Managers & Supervisors out there:

Does your team see you as a Person or do they just see Power?

If they see you as a Person they are much more likely to trust, respect and succeed for you. If they only see Power they may reclude into an environment of fear, hiding, hesitancy and failure.

Jack Welch, CEO of General Electric once said the secret to his success was "When I get power, I give it away"

Jack, by his 40 year distinguished track record shows that he gets it.

A leader's job is to lay down clear and challenging expectations of their people and equip them for success. Great leaders, once they've done that, let go. Yes they are there for advice, counsel and equipping but they won't just take over the game from an employee when they struggle.

The power of consequences, not the power of position will help protect the interests of the company, department and team of getting things done and done right.

That's great news because as a leader it takes the pressure off. Cheer them on, equip them with expectations and tools and give them the power to decide their future. That lets you present yourself as a person who cares about their success and wants to dialogue on how to continue to make it happen.

When employees own their future .. great things happen. Most Owners try not to let a business fail.

Have a great week!

"Your Man with the Plan" for Better Teams and Better Results.

Here are some attendee reviews from my most recent workshops:

"David, Your expertise shines through with your passion and you are a great mentor!"

"Very positive. Fun to be around and you made the day fly by. Thanks for all you do."

"Great level of energy and passion. Knowledgeable about the topic. I learned alot! Loved the positivity and the feedback."

"I leave with a very positive outlook on the changes I can/will implement at my workplace from this course. Changes in me that will make a huge difference to my team."

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Egypt: Hidden Gems amidst the conflict

I don't know about you but I couldn't help but be glued to the news reports coming out of Egypt the last two weeks. It holds special interest to me because I toured and had the chance to speak throughout Egypt in 2003 and came to know the people there as some of the warmest, most generous you'll ever meet. It doesn't shock me that the protestors were able to keep their focus amidst being charged and attacked.

Through all the drama, there are some amazing stories that have and will continue to unfold that have yet to be shared.

Donna and I have friends who work in Egypt and the story of their neighbourhood is one worth sharing. In the absence of the police and law and order neighbourhoods were forced to start there own "Block Watch" programs. Their's was no exception.

People of different cultures, faiths & languages banded together under one cause and bonds were formed and strengthened like they never would have been before. They kept watch together through day and night, taking turns protecting their homes. In a strange but familiar way, conflict has brought people together!

This inspiring story that continues to unfold has reminded me that while we can't avoid conflict in our lives we will always have something to take from it. Gold is refined through fire and so are our best relationships.

That has been my experience!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Telecommuting: a Yes or No for you?

I remember when working from home office was becoming more and more popular. In the 90's with the rising cost of downtown real estate in Calgary, Shell Canada at the time was sending quite a few people to work from home. Excited about the prospects of a 4 step walk in the mornings with my cup of coffee down to my computer, I raced into my boss's office and cried out "Send me Home!"

His response: "When hell freezes over Dave."

Not the response I expected to hear!

He went on to say: "Dave, you give energy to this place and you get energy from this place. I like your performance. If i sent you home to four walls, a computer/phone and a dog: your performance and motivation would die."

He was right. Telecommuting can be a great solution for the right person and the right circumstance but there are a few factors that as a leader, you want to consider before making the decision to move someone to work from home.

Here are a couple:

1) Character Type: Employees whose personality is affiliative by nature may not be a good fit. I did give and get energy from the office environment. As an affiliative natured person it was a great environment to encourage my success. The more isolated environment would have quickly brought my motivation down.

2) Commute: In larger centres if someone is commuting 2 plus hours a day alone then regaining that time with family and for relaxation can give that employee increased energy and motivation for the job.

Here are links to a couple other blogs on the topic:

Blog 1

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Monday, January 17, 2011

A Monday Power Tip: Use Reflection to become an Effective Listener

Listening is one of those skills you can never be too good at.

If I asked each of you to quantify the cost that miscommunications drive in your company I know I would get back some very large numbers!

You can start an effective listening revolution in your company. Follow the link below to a short clip on Youtube of me presenting in Missouri for Rockhurst University around the power of reflection in helping you listen for understanding and all the benefits that brings with it. Listening Skills are a big part of the two day Leadership Boot Camps I run for First Time Managers looking for a Great Start and/or Experienced Managers looking for a Fresh Start.

Click Here for a 3 minute training clip on Effective Listening

David Benjatschek is a professional speaker/workshop facilitator in the areas of Leadership & Communication. He brings powerful training workshops to companies that set up New Managers/Supervisors for a Great Start and helps experienced Managers/Supervisors get a Fresh Start.
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Friday, January 7, 2011

2011: The Year of Choice

This is your opportunity to make 2011 the Year of Choice.

One principle I've learnt over the years is this:

EVERYTHING in life will be managed.

If I don't manage something then there are hundreds & thousands of people/things that will manage it for me.

If I don't cut my lawn , the City of Calgary will eventually cut it for me (at the small fee of $250)

If I don't manage my budget, my bank will offer to "tide me over" with the credit card they sent me. (at 28 percent interest)

If I don't manage the use of my time, the great news is there are a multitude of people out there who will. (I'll meet their goals, not necessarily mine)

The lesson is that many of us are paying a heavy emotional & financial price for not addressing the choices we need to make in life.

The beginning of a New Year represents an awesome opportunity to starting making choices in those areas of our job/life that remain unresolved. It is our chance to manage something positively before it will be managed by someone else at a high cost.

From a leadership perspective I've narrowed it down to 5 choices we all need to make to become effective leaders. Stay tuned for much more information on my book "A Game of Choice: 5 Choices to Effective Leadership" and the workshop that follows.

Happy New Year! I wish all of you every success in 2011.

Some Workshop Reviews from my recent Jasper Workshops:

"Very Informative Course filled with good help suggestions to aid supervisors to improve overall productivity & staff relations. Honest. Passionate. Very Encouraging!"

"I leave with a very positive outlook on the changes I can/will implement at my workplace from this course. Changes in me that will make a huge difference to my team."

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