Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Power of Emotional Intelligence: Anything But Fluff!

This week I launch out in Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver teaching a "Managing your Emotions in the Workplace" workshop. If history is any predictor the word "Emotion" will scare away some people from the class. It is a dangerous word to put in to the title of any course from an attendance point of view.

I've met alot of professionals who scoff at the discussion of anything to do with emotions as weak and unproductive. Fluff is a word I've heard more than once. If you lean that way, consider these stats:

1) More than 50 percent of North American employees lack the motivation to keep learning and improving on the job.

Most people would tell you they want to learn and grow but many can't get past anger and/or bitterness that halts them in their tracks. Do you know anyone stuck in resentment or bitterness over something unresolved in the past? What is that burden costing that individual? Their Team?

2) Four in 10 people are not able to work co-operatively with fellow employees.
Conflict left unmanaged grows from small events to all out battles and I'm not surprised that 4 out of 10 people are not able to work co-operatively with fellow employees. How much is employees who refuse to work with each other costing your organization?

3) Only 19 percent of entry-level applicants have enough self-discipline in their work habits.So it turns out that entry level applicants are like most of us with our New Year's Resolutions! We don't have the discipline to carry out our goals. Not because we lack the skills and ability to do the job.. Its just that without the stress of deadlines and accountability there is always something more important to do, like watch Criminal Minds on TV.

4) Billions of Dollars are wasted on development training (As a trainer, I can't believe I just wrote that !).. leading to a less than desired return on investment in leadership training.
Many of us KNOW what we need to do to fix the things that are wrong around us. We have daydreamed and had nightmares about it for years. It isn't knowledge that is the sole missing link, it is the COURAGE to do what we know we need to do.

That's where Emotional Intelligence is so powerful in translating training that doesn't give results into a powerful vehicle for change and growth in your company. It helps employees get to the root cause of unproductivity.

If you recognize the opportunity and manage it, Emotions will become a very powerful catalyst for positive change in your life.

I like the analogy of snow, in small doses it is soft and fluffy, but ignored when it packs to together it unleashes an avalanche that you don't want to be anywhere near.

Don't ignore Emotional Intelligene training. Helping employees recognize and effectively manage their emotions and those around them can pay considerable and measureable cash dividends for your company.

That my friends, is HARDCORE!

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