Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Who will you Vote for?

Its Election Day in the USA.

A poll yesterday suggested that today 80 percent of those Americans who plan to switch their vote from Democrat to Republican in the US Mid Term Elections don't actually believe the Republicans will do a better job. In essence they just seem intent on making SOMEONE "PAY" for the current economic status of their country.

The poll shocked me at first but points to a sad reality. Most everyday, I see people around me wasting away their chance at life with a capital "L" . They are busy blaming their circumstances on everyone and everything else instead of using that same time to make the positive choices that would turn their circumstances around.

Every once in a while I catch myself trending in that same direction. It is the road more easily travelled.

The truth is that every morning each one of us goes to the polls on the issue of what direction we'll take that day. In Canada, other than required respect for Taxes and our Criminal Code of Canada no one can make your choices for you unless you let them.

So Please. Please. Please. On each and every Election Day:

Cast a ballot for yourself.