Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Intent vs Content: A Valuable Lesson in Communication

Recognizing the Power of Intent

There are three way in which we communicate:

1) Body Language
2) Tone
3) Words

Research shows us that your Body Language is close to 50 percent of the message someone takes away when they talk to you.

Tone is close to 40 percent with our Words only contributing 10 percent to what is understood.

Why are Body Language and Tone so powerful?

Together they form a powerful visual and auditory representation of your INTENT in any conversation.

Life has taught me that when people recognize a positive intent in any conversation you can actual mess up the content (words) to some extent and still achieve a positive outcome.

Today, my workshop in Mont Joli, Quebec was no exception. It represented a milestone in my career as I facilitated my first workshop in French.

The fact was that my French today was FAR from perfect, yet the feedback and evaluations I received at the end of the day were very, very positive and encouraging. The attendees told me that they had a great day.

Why? I believe because I made a concerted effort throughout the day to show them through my tone and my body language that I genuinely cared about what they took away from the workshop and how it could help them in their lives. That message spoke way louder than any imperfections in my French and was the message they took away.

It is always good to be conscious of what your Body Language and Tone are telling people about your Intent in any situation. Are they helping you or hurting you?

The Short and Sweet:

Demonstrate a positive INTENT in any situation and the pressure for perfect CONTENT is off which will lead to great RESULTS.

Have a great week!