Monday, September 6, 2010

What you need to know about the 'Law of Average' and how it applies to Leadership (both personal and corporate)

"Next week is our launch week for a new year. There will be a BBQ, fun and some pretty average preaching. So please invite your friends."

That was the ending appeal to our church service this past Sunday morning. No disrespect to the pastor who delivered it, he's a great guy and I didn't disagree with the true intent in which it was given (making sure people feel comfortable to hear an important message).

None the less I found myself strongly reacting to the word AVERAGE. It hit me like a boxer's blow to the gut.

Personally, I've come to dislike the word AVERAGE. So let me rant..

AVERAGE??? I refuse to settle for AVERAGE. I can't get excited about AVERAGE. I don't eat AVERAGE. I don't dream about AVERAGE. I've never chased AVERAGE. If I all i can look forward to is AVERAGE then I might as well just stop trying, stop dreaming, stop chasing, right now."

In the domain of leadership, both corporate & personal, aiming for average is a death sentence even if the accountant doesn't officially close your books and take down the neon OPEN sign on your business door.

A leader once said the formula to motivation is simply the existence of inspiring goals and having some tools to help us reach them. If our goals are simply average (while that sounds good on some days), how much motivation can there be? What is there to look forward to?

As humans we are motivated by achievement which can only come with challenge and growth. Our growth is fueled and enhanced by the sting of our failures along that way.

Despite the recent recession, the fact remains Canada's economy is heading for a severe labor shortage and "Please invite your friends" is going to become the Human Resource call of many companies. The question is will they come and want to stay? Will your organization or your team be an attractive place to work?!

If your leadership style settles for AVERAGE, don't count on it.


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