Monday, January 17, 2011

A Monday Power Tip: Use Reflection to become an Effective Listener

Listening is one of those skills you can never be too good at.

If I asked each of you to quantify the cost that miscommunications drive in your company I know I would get back some very large numbers!

You can start an effective listening revolution in your company. Follow the link below to a short clip on Youtube of me presenting in Missouri for Rockhurst University around the power of reflection in helping you listen for understanding and all the benefits that brings with it. Listening Skills are a big part of the two day Leadership Boot Camps I run for First Time Managers looking for a Great Start and/or Experienced Managers looking for a Fresh Start.

Click Here for a 3 minute training clip on Effective Listening

David Benjatschek is a professional speaker/workshop facilitator in the areas of Leadership & Communication. He brings powerful training workshops to companies that set up New Managers/Supervisors for a Great Start and helps experienced Managers/Supervisors get a Fresh Start.
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