Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Who will you Vote for?

Its Election Day in the USA.

A poll yesterday suggested that today 80 percent of those Americans who plan to switch their vote from Democrat to Republican in the US Mid Term Elections don't actually believe the Republicans will do a better job. In essence they just seem intent on making SOMEONE "PAY" for the current economic status of their country.

The poll shocked me at first but points to a sad reality. Most everyday, I see people around me wasting away their chance at life with a capital "L" . They are busy blaming their circumstances on everyone and everything else instead of using that same time to make the positive choices that would turn their circumstances around.

Every once in a while I catch myself trending in that same direction. It is the road more easily travelled.

The truth is that every morning each one of us goes to the polls on the issue of what direction we'll take that day. In Canada, other than required respect for Taxes and our Criminal Code of Canada no one can make your choices for you unless you let them.

So Please. Please. Please. On each and every Election Day:

Cast a ballot for yourself.

Monday, September 6, 2010

What you need to know about the 'Law of Average' and how it applies to Leadership (both personal and corporate)

"Next week is our launch week for a new year. There will be a BBQ, fun and some pretty average preaching. So please invite your friends."

That was the ending appeal to our church service this past Sunday morning. No disrespect to the pastor who delivered it, he's a great guy and I didn't disagree with the true intent in which it was given (making sure people feel comfortable to hear an important message).

None the less I found myself strongly reacting to the word AVERAGE. It hit me like a boxer's blow to the gut.

Personally, I've come to dislike the word AVERAGE. So let me rant..

AVERAGE??? I refuse to settle for AVERAGE. I can't get excited about AVERAGE. I don't eat AVERAGE. I don't dream about AVERAGE. I've never chased AVERAGE. If I all i can look forward to is AVERAGE then I might as well just stop trying, stop dreaming, stop chasing, right now."

In the domain of leadership, both corporate & personal, aiming for average is a death sentence even if the accountant doesn't officially close your books and take down the neon OPEN sign on your business door.

A leader once said the formula to motivation is simply the existence of inspiring goals and having some tools to help us reach them. If our goals are simply average (while that sounds good on some days), how much motivation can there be? What is there to look forward to?

As humans we are motivated by achievement which can only come with challenge and growth. Our growth is fueled and enhanced by the sting of our failures along that way.

Despite the recent recession, the fact remains Canada's economy is heading for a severe labor shortage and "Please invite your friends" is going to become the Human Resource call of many companies. The question is will they come and want to stay? Will your organization or your team be an attractive place to work?!

If your leadership style settles for AVERAGE, don't count on it.


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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Oft Overlooked Ingredient to Great Leadership

There are a thousand great books out there helping us with perspectives on leadership. A lot of them are worth our time reading.

I do believe that knowledge is obviously an important component of setting up newer managers for success or in helping existing managers succeed in creating teams that are hard working, energetic, committed and that win.

I think it is a huge mistake though to think that knowledge is the only ingredient in the "Great Leader" recipe.

I've had a growing number of industry managers tell me lately that they are disappointed in the lack of performance from people they hired whose Knowledge credits were stacked high and wide. (University degrees, Dale Carnegie, Post Education Certificates etc).

While knowledge is important (I'm not knocking any of the above. they are very valuable), in my experience it isn't always enough to get you where you want to go.

The missing ingredient to turn people into Effective Managers & Leaders is a few cups of Courage.

That is where the upcoming 1st Time Manager's 2 Day Boot Camps in Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver set themselves apart.

Over the years, my leadership classes have been filled with great people who come to realize that they know what they need to do about the situations they are in. Knowledge in reality is not the problem.

What they really need is the courage to walk through the fear of addressing issues with people, communicating both up and down the company ladder, risking conflict: All things they'll need to do to deal with the situations they have.

I understand that. Its a huge issue in today's workforce and its holding a lot of Canadians back from what life would have for them.

I don't want fear to ever stop you from achieving your best.

So, on top of laying down 2 days packed with the knowledge you'll need to be a great leader, motivate teams, manage performance, communicate for clarity, handle change etc...

We'll also deliberate on the fact that Courage is essential and comes with A.G.E., which is not what it seems. (If it was, my wife tells me I should have more than enough)

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Here's to your success!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

FEAR: Use it!

I don't know about you, but fear has and can stop me in my tracks. I retreat back into myself like a deer in headlights.

It is interesting to note that Fear as an acronym stands for:


Consider the following scenarios:

1) Your Boss hasn't said anything about the project you just completed

Fear: They hate your work.
Truth: They are as run off their feet as you are. They love the fact they can count on you to do what needs to be done. They just haven't had the time to say it.

2) A Co-Worker keeps messing up and is impacting your ability to do your job

Fear: They are an idiot and perhaps doing it on purpose to make your life miserable.
Truth: They ARE an idi...(I knew you'd be saying that!)
Real Truth: They likely never truly understood what your expectations were (there are 1240 reasons why this may happen). Magically, once you take the time to actually clarify expectations they will very likely start meeting them.

So it points us to how we can use FEAR powerfully in our lives. FEAR is simply a call for ACTION. It is a trigger that should motivate you to clarify, communicate, act through something.

After a "How to Deal with Difficult People" seminar, a woman came up to me , thanked me for the class, and asked me if there was an advanced session because she had a really difficult person to go back and deal with.

I encouraged her that there was and that it was free! The advanced class is called experience. I challenged her to go back with the tools she did get from the workshop, walk through her fear and just talk to that person.

Experience will show her that rarely is it as bad as she feared.

will show her that when things are finally said they get dealt with.

Experience will show her that when things are dealt with, people breathe easier and teams succeed.

Experience will make her better each time she encounter similar scenarios.

Experience will continually build her courage in the face of her fears.

It can do the same for you. What lies are you still telling yourself today? What fears are stopping you in your tracks? You now know what to do.

WARNING!: You'll be adding Experience to your resume... but that's always a good thing.

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Drop the Pretense

A few words for the wise:

To achieve success driven by great communication patterns simply:

1) Drop the pretense.

2) Put it in the past tense.

3) Just be in the present tense.

4) Your future will be far less tense.

Stephen Covey author of 7 Habits for Highly Effective People suggests that most managers spend 80 percent of their day fighting "Fires" or things that are urgent and important. Most of these are a result of miscommunication/ lack of understanding.

If you are going to spend the time (listening to someone) don't commit the crime (not really listening to them.)

There are a ton of pretenses that can get in the way of us being in the moment with someone and truly listening:

1) Being super busy ourselves and thinking ahead
2) Their attitude
3) Their appearance
4) Past experiences with them
5) The environment we're in

just to name a few.

Drop them and experience the time saving, relationship building benefits of being 'in the moment' when speaking with someone.

If you can't drop them, tell them upfront and schedule a time when you can.

They'll thank you for it.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Life is hard. Get over it.

Life is hard. Get over it.

My father is 85 years old and last week while attending a family wedding in Toronto suffered a mini-stroke or T.I.A. It is another blow in a storied life, that on the surface, hasn't been kind to him.

My father, born in Eastern Europe lost his mom when he was a very young boy. He wasn't treated very well by his step mother and at age 16, he got dragged into the horrors of WW2 avoiding the mass graves that claimed the bodies of so many of his friends in the Russian work camp that took 4 years of his life.. He came to Canada with nothing but his clothes and an insatiable work ethic.

Don't feel to sorry for him. He doesn't feel sorry for himself. A lot of people, given his history, would allow him that, but he's never gone there.

My father knows two things:

1) Life is Hard


2) Life is so Incredibly Good

His focus has always been on #2 and he's lived a fulfulling life because of it.

It challenges all of us to ask the same question: Do we fundamentally believe life is good or do we believe life is hard?

A human truth is that we tend to get what we focus on.

If we fundamentally believe life is hard, don't be surprised if it turns out to be. It will be hard every moment of every day.

If we fundamentally believe life is incredibly good, it doesn't eliminate/solve some of the hardships we'll face. They just won't matter nearly as much. They won't bog us down. We'll learn from them and move on to receive the good things life has for us.

As a leader in your organization and your family, your focus will determine your destiny.

So my question is: What does YOUR future look like?

Today is a great day to start focusing on something good.

David Benjatschek is a professional speaker/workshop facilitator and rock star change agent. Visit his website at www.marketbeamer.com

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ditch your expectations: you deserve it.

This short story just might change your life.. if you let it. A couple weeks ago an experience taught me the power of being flexible around expectations I have.

I was flying into Winnipeg and then driving to deliver a couple workshops on Conflict Management in Sioux Lookout Ontario.

I speak in Winnipeg usually twice a month and my rental with National Rent a Car on a previous trip was this great Volvo coupe. It had it all, or so I thought: stylish, sunroof, great handling, the most ergonomic seats I'd ever ridden in.. it was just one of those cars that makes you feel good.

So with the prospect of a 5 hour drive to Sioux Lookout and then 5 hours back to Winnipeg I did something I had never done before: I phoned the Winnipeg Airport Location in advance and placed my preference for a Volvo with them. They noted it and said that if one was available it would be mine.

So the Sunday came and I arrived in Winnipeg excited about my drive. I approached the counter and introduced myself to the gentleman behind it. He gathered my file, looked up and said: "Mr Benjatschek, I see here you requested a first class car for your long trip today. We are going to deliver that for you. Unfortunately none of the specific Volvos you requested have been returned to us but I am going to place you in a Luxurious Ford Taurus."

Sorry Ford , but the first thought that came to my mind was
"isn't putting the word luxury and Ford Taurus in the same sentence an oxymoron?!!"
Suspiciously, I took the keys and started to walk toward the lot, all along pondering what I was going to say when I discovered a plain Ford Taurus and went back inside to call his bluff and ask for a different car.

As you might guess, I never went back inside.
All that I can say is: Ford.. You have changed!!
Getting to my car I didn't see the plain jane ride I was expecting but instead discovered a very stylish sedan with an ultra comfortable leather interior, sunroof and Satellite Radio.. a must for driving the rolling hills of Hwy 17 North. I wasn't the only one who thought it was a great car .. I stopped for a Tim's on the way out of Winnipeg and when I came back out of the store with my coffee there was a group of men standing around my rental car and quickly asking: "is this baby yours?"

The ride was smooth and I went there and back on ONE TANK of GAS. Incredible.

This was not the Ford Taurus I always knew.

It drove home a great reminder to me: Sometimes when I stubbornly stick to existing expectations I miss out. Miss out on something better, different, interesting. Had I immediately balked at the Taurus based on previous impressions without taking the walk to check it out I would have missed out on a great car that was perfect for my trip to Sioux Lookout and that with satellite radio had me in a gut roll laugh listening to Blue Collar Comedy all the way out.

I don't know what things are stuck in "automatic" in your life. Things around which you've made up your mind, have definite opinions, people you like and people you've written off. Can I challenge you that things change and to step back from a few of them and ask "What's New?" You deserve the best. Sometimes it is just a question away.

David Benjatschek is a professional speaker/workshop facilitator and rock star change agent. Visit his website at www.marketbeamer.com

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Making Sense of the House of Commons: A Tale of Personal Power

I finally figured out why they call our parliament the "House of Commons". Its always seemed an ironic name to me. Watch even 20 minutes of Parliament on TV and you'll soon realize our political parties share very little in common. But I've finally figured it out...

It turns out that the Conservatives, Liberals and NDP and their followers seem to share this one thing in common: a mistrust of BIG.

Canadians on the political left tend to have a mistrust or dislike of Big Business.
Canadians on the political right tend to have a mistrust or dislike of Big Government.

So no matter where you are on the political spectrum it is a great time to remind yourself of the power of one (one being you) in your relationship with Big.

Here are 4 fundamental truths regarding your relationship with BIG:

1) As Big Wins so do you.

2) As Big Loses so do you.

1 & 2 provide compelling reasons to give our best in each area of our life. Give your best to your company, your family, pay your fair share of taxes etc. You will never lose always committing your best.

3) As You Win so does Big.

4) As You Lose so does Big.

3 & 4 speak to the inherent interest BIG has in meeting your needs to keep you growing as a productive member of their "society/company".

If you are giving your all to BIG and are unhappy about the environment they are providing, they need to know about it. You need to ask for what you need and what you want.

You'll be shocked with how many times getting changes to make it a more fulfilling place to be is simply a matter of spitting it out, saying it, asking the question! If you don't , if you keep it inside and grow an attitude of disgruntlement you are going to waste a whole bunch of your time and BIG loses as you lose the motivation to provide your best.

So.. what to do?:

1) If your government is not giving you what you need and want, be active in asking for change. Participate in democracy. If they don't after that, use the power of your vote to elect someone else. (kick the bums out, as certain members of my family would say).

2) If your company is not giving you what you need and want, be active in asking for it. If they don't after that, ask yourself a simple question:

Do I stay or Do I go?

If the issue is minor and you can honestly drop it without carrying a grudge. i.e you might say "If this is the worst thing about my job I LOVE where I work" .. then stay.

If you can't drop it and are going to be fundamentally disgruntled then the best feedback they can receive are your heels leaving the door for an environment that will meet your needs.

Ultimately BIG draws it power from the power of its people.

Just like our country: Canada. Canada is BIG.

We have many strengths:

1) An abundance of Natural Resources
2) A variety of stunning landscapes
3) More fresh water than the rest of the world combined.

But for all the inherent strengths of the land in which we live, Canada's biggest strength has been, is, and will always be its PEOPLE. That's YOU and ME. We're not BIG but we can be powerful.

My conclusion: BIG can be great, as long as each of us stands up for ourselves. After all, BIG is simply the sum total of a bunch of ones.

David Benjatschek is an award winning trainer/speaker in the areas of Leadership & Communication. Check out his website at www.marketbeamer.com or contact him by email: david@marketbeamer.com. Check out "Whats New" on the website for details of two powerful workshops hitting Canada later this summer & fall: 1) First Time Managers Two Day Boot Camp and 2) Prioritize and Organize for Success. Early bird rates for registrations by May 15th.

The Lesson:

If you currently create value for BIG by either a)paying taxes to the government or b) genuinely giving your all at your job

4) As You Lose so should Big.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Close Shave: A Great Idea for Leaders and Managers.

Many of you have heard that Alberta is introducing a "Distracted Driver" law this fall. It will fine people who are distracted while driving. What "distraction" means is at the judgment call of the officer watching you. It may be for talking on your hand held cellphone. It could also be for flossing your teeth or trying to balance a Wendy's Combo Meal on your lap while also navigating the road.

This past week I would have been guilty as charged!

The culprit: My new electric shaver.

The story: A great reminder of an important leadership principle for personal and team growth.

Before you lynch me: I wasn't trying to shave as I was driving (although I have witnessed that).

I recently bought my first electric razor. While saving on the costs of a $3 disposable blade that might last 4 shaves is great, I have to confess it has taken a bit to get used to.

With the old disposable blade, one swish line around my face and the hairs in my blade's path were gone. With the electric shaver, I'm finding I'm having to take 3, 4, even up to 10 swipes at those same stubborn hairs to get the same result.

So on Thursday of this past week I was at home getting ready to deliver a Supervisors Workshop in Calgary. I spent around 5 minutes swerving my new electric shaver around my face... straight paths up, straight paths down and circular motions. After about five minutes, it looked like I had achieved the desired result: a clean-shaven face!

I was a happy camper until having left our neighbourhood, I glanced in the rear view mirror of my car. Thursday was a fantastically sunny day in Calgary and to my horror (and distraction) the brilliant light of the sun combined with the magnification of the rear view mirror exposed a few things that the dimmer lighting of my bathroom had not. Like:

Two hairs that stood out like pine treees between my upper lip and my nose.

The equivalent to a Red Wood Forest growing beautifully on the left side of my face just under the chin bone and many seedlings still emerging at various and random spots on my face.

I felt like i would have been better cast as a creature in a horror film that day than as a professional trainer of a management workshop. I had to buy a disposable blade on the way and finish what I had started with my electric razor.

The experience reinforced a great management principle to me:

Everyone on your team (including you) is coming to your workplace with their strengths (perfect shave) and weaknesses (my less than perfect shave).

Great individuals and teams are not afraid to shine the full light of the sun on both of them. As a a leader, you know that when team members can feel free to openly share their strengths and weaknesses, you can put each individual in a position to succeed and use their strengths. The strengths of one team member will cover the weakness of another and vice versa. Overall the team is put in the best position to win.

After all, it is only when we are truly comfortable looking at who we really are today that we can create a powerful vision and plan for the person or team we want to be tomorrow.

Happy Shaving! just not while driving please :O)

David Benjatschek is a professional speaker/trainer and rock star change agent whose Leadership & Communication Workshops span across North America. Two new powerful public workshops will be hitting Ontario & Alberta this summer and fall. For details on the First Time Manager's Two Day Boot Camp or Prioritize and Organize for Success CLICK HERE. You can reach David by email: david@marketbeamer.com

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Get Organized

Getting Organized. Maybe this is one of your New Year's Resolutions, something you've always wanted to improve on but have struggled with. I've been there.. done that.

If you want a place to start, it may not be with the usual suspects:

1) Implementing a new filing system.

2) Buying and using a Daytimer or PDA.

Great things in themselves, but I'm going to encourage you to the take the following first step in Getting Organized:

Organize a Team! YOUR team.

Each one of you have cheerleaders in your life. People in your workplaces, families and friendship circles that love you for who you are. They are genuinely excited about your potential. They stand on the sidelines cheering you on and wanting the best for you. They would jump into the game in a heartbeat if only they knew what you wanted from them. Your goals, dreams, aspirations.

After all, Goals need to be shared and then shared if you know what I mean. When you share your goals with the Cheerleaders in your life you bring them into the game. They will play hard for you because they share that vision for you. They will block, tackle and open up the field for your success.

I got lucky. I never used to want to "Bore" people with what I wanted in life until one person dragged it out of me. I told them and two months later they were in a position to help me achieve it. They came back from a party with a business card and said "Phone her. I think this opportunity is what you are looking for" One innocent conversation with a Cheerleader in my life lead to 15 great years with a great company.

I'm excited that as you build a team of 2, 5 or even dare to dream...12 people working on your goals that your path to your dreams will be more focused, efficient and less stressful. After all a team of 12 should be able to get things done much quicker than an organization of one, even if the organization of one has the use of their daytimer mastered!

So 2 key questions:

1) Who are your cheerleaders? Write down the names of 5 people in your life who want the best for you.

2) Are they in the game? I know you are friends, have always done things together. They know your favorite wine, what you like to eat and the quirks of your inlaws. My question is do they really know what your life goals are?

If you've never shared your goals with the cheerleaders in your life, make that an urgent and important task on tommorrow's to do list.

Organize a team, YOUR team and watch your success unfold.

David Benjatschek is an award winning speaker/trainer in the areas of Leadership & Communication. Visit his website at http://www.marketbeamer.com/ or email david@marketbeamer.com to find out more about the Freedom House Leadership & Communication Workshop Series that includes topics like "Get Organized!"

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Own the Podium

Rampant flag waving, record number of gold medals, throngs of people cheering, a share of heart wrenching disappointments, amazing stories of courage and achievement, spontaneous outbursts of Oh Canada: These are just a few of the outcomes of the recent 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games.

Behind it all, a program called Own the Podium. What can companies and individuals learn from this initiative?

1) The overarching goal of Own the Podium was specific and measurable: Win the most medals of any country at the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games. Black and White. History showed that number would be between 28 - 36. Make your goals specific and measurable. When people have a clue to what is specifically expected of them .. don't be surprised if they deliver it for you. My experience is that most "podiums" are not that well defined in companies.

2) The goal was understood. Understanding doesn't just come from saying something once. Here are a couple facts that can help us be understood.

- People remember 30 percent of what they see and hear. Yes.. well educated, motivated, bright Canadians will take away on average 30 of what they see and hear. Most goal setting sessions I've ever seen in corporations were death by powerpoint followed by the question "Do you have any questions?" (Do we really think most people will have the courage to stand up in public and question the direction laid out by a management team that controls their destiny? No. Your answer will be NO 95 percent of the time and YES there are questions.. lots and lots of them.)

- People remember 90 percent of what they say and do. The best way to ensure your employee's understanding of specific goals/objectives is to ask them in a private setting to tell you what they believe their performance objectives are. Unclear objectives will pop out instantly as they struggle to tell you about them. Catching these upfront is not only beneficial to you.. its beneficial to them. You win, they win and your company wins. Just do it.

Finally the goal of Own the Podium was communicated and communicated and communicated again. So much so that you could see athletes starting to Believe it. Yes it was a well chosen theme song :O). If we truly believe we can accomplish something, we have a great chance at success. As Canadian athletes achieved much of what they believed .. they have other Canadians starting to believe in themselves as well. Flag waving, cheering, learning, singing. Okay ..except for the singing .. isn't that what we'd love for our companies?! Own YOUR podium.

David Benjatschek is a motivational trainer/speaker in the areas of Leadership & Communication. Visit www.marketbeamer.com for full information on David and the training available to your organization. You can email David: david@marketbeamer.com

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Getting What You are Worth

A couple weeks ago I laid helpless in my dentist's chair with a power drill down my throat. Rob, my dentist of several years and a towering figure launched into something he was obviously very convicted about that day. “Dave, I do not have an ounce of guilt charging you today for my services. We're renovating our house and I just got the designer's invoice. Wow.. he sure is not afraid to charge.”

What could I say?! No matter what I thought of his outburst, I wasn't in a position to argue.

Ironically and thankfully Rob's designer launched a curious and positive chain of events.

Because the designer wasn't afraid to charge, Rob's Power Drill Manifesto about it all affected me later that day as I went to quote a prospect I really wanted.

The temptation with business we really want is to focus everything on the lowest possible price. Sometimes with the only reward being that we might actually make some money down the road with more business. Rob's manifesto reminded to me to just ask for what I was worth.

Getting what you are worth. What a concept.

For many of us it may seem like some sort of far off dream.

It is a concept that:

a) Many of the business people that attend my Communication & Leadership seminars struggle with.

b) I have to keep myself honest with on a daily basis.

c) Having served the Transport Sector for close to 20 years: I recognize as one of the primary issues that needs to be addressed in helping build the foundation for a vibrant, resilient and successful transport sector in Canada for future years.

Let's face it, the consequences of not getting what you are worth are many:

Loss of Self Esteem



A negative attitude

all leading to Financial Struggles both on a corporate and personal level

Can I encourage you with a personal and corporate truth that I always need to remind myself of:

I am always in control. No one can undervalue me unless I let them.

I am extremely fortunate to mingle with some positive leaders each and every year in the concept of getting what you are worth. They are many of the men and women who win their way into the annual Wowtrucks® Calendar I photograph and produce. Wowtrucks® is my way of combining two personal passions, photography and people.

I take 3 trophy winners from each of the 4 major show n shines across Canada each year and together they form Canada's Big Rig Calendar. The calendar, even more importantly than showcasing really cool trucks also showcases really cool people. To me the image of the truck is simply a portrait representation of that person.

Your clients/prospects get images of your truck(s)/fleet every day. What do those images say about your or your company?

Many of the Owner Operators who win their way into the calendar are not afraid to ask for what they are worth and they tend to get it. They are certainly not completely immune to swings in the economy, however in tougher times they are still making more than their counterparts who don't get the concept of asking for what you are worth.

Sometimes they achieve this by accepting to do less and not taking business that is demanding them to work for far less than they are worth.

Here's the chain of events that are common to their stories:

  1. They take pride in their Rig and their fleet.

  2. Customers see that and start to associate it with quality and reliability.

  3. They deliver on their promise. Loads delivered on time, safely by drivers who are happy to be there and care about the client.

  4. Long term positive relationships form and clients recognize the value of dealing with them.

  5. That value translates past a $ per mile cost and they aren't under the same constant pressure to match bottom market pricing at all times that their peers are under.

  6. Because they feel valued they feel good about going back to Step 1.

At this point I know a few of you will be thinking to yourself

“Earth calling Dave! Earth calling Dave!" Very nice on paper buddy but my clients will never pay me what I think I'm worth and there's not a thing I can do about it.

If I don't take the business at those lower rates there's another company that will in a heartbeat.”

I hear you and reality says that that all to frequently you are absolutely right.

And while my answer is slightly more involved than the straight forward path I'm going to suggest: The basic solution path I would encourage you with is:
  • Provide value to your clients (1000's of ways to do this aside from cost per mile)
  • Ask for what you are worth.
  • Potentially walk away from clients who won't pay you what you are worth.
  • Let your competitors take that business at non sustainable rates and drown.
  • Be happier and thrive in a very competitive industry.

The alternative is accepting less than your worth and in a nightmare scenario actually surviving. Surviving as an unhappy, underpaid, overstressed supplier of transport services complaining and blaming everyone around you for your circumstance. Even when the reality is it was a choice you made and continue to make.

If you provide value to your clients and go out and ask for what you worth, the absolute worst thing that can happen is they won't recognize it and that you transfer your skills and talents to a marketplace or industry that will.

Canada is full of corporate and personal examples of where Getting What you are Worth is not a pipe dream. Getting what you are worth simply boils down to two choices we make on a daily basis:

1) Providing Value

2) Asking to be recognized for it

Confuscious once said: ""Strive not to be a man of success. Instead strive to be a man of value."

He is right. From personal experience, when I've just focused on providing value, success measured by monetary and other rewards just seems to naturally follow. If each one of us were to take that message to heart and go ask for it, it would radically change the face and health of the transport sector in Canada today.

If you need a nudge to get moving, just envision your dentist with a power drill down your throat!