Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Get Organized

Getting Organized. Maybe this is one of your New Year's Resolutions, something you've always wanted to improve on but have struggled with. I've been there.. done that.

If you want a place to start, it may not be with the usual suspects:

1) Implementing a new filing system.

2) Buying and using a Daytimer or PDA.

Great things in themselves, but I'm going to encourage you to the take the following first step in Getting Organized:

Organize a Team! YOUR team.

Each one of you have cheerleaders in your life. People in your workplaces, families and friendship circles that love you for who you are. They are genuinely excited about your potential. They stand on the sidelines cheering you on and wanting the best for you. They would jump into the game in a heartbeat if only they knew what you wanted from them. Your goals, dreams, aspirations.

After all, Goals need to be shared and then shared if you know what I mean. When you share your goals with the Cheerleaders in your life you bring them into the game. They will play hard for you because they share that vision for you. They will block, tackle and open up the field for your success.

I got lucky. I never used to want to "Bore" people with what I wanted in life until one person dragged it out of me. I told them and two months later they were in a position to help me achieve it. They came back from a party with a business card and said "Phone her. I think this opportunity is what you are looking for" One innocent conversation with a Cheerleader in my life lead to 15 great years with a great company.

I'm excited that as you build a team of 2, 5 or even dare to dream...12 people working on your goals that your path to your dreams will be more focused, efficient and less stressful. After all a team of 12 should be able to get things done much quicker than an organization of one, even if the organization of one has the use of their daytimer mastered!

So 2 key questions:

1) Who are your cheerleaders? Write down the names of 5 people in your life who want the best for you.

2) Are they in the game? I know you are friends, have always done things together. They know your favorite wine, what you like to eat and the quirks of your inlaws. My question is do they really know what your life goals are?

If you've never shared your goals with the cheerleaders in your life, make that an urgent and important task on tommorrow's to do list.

Organize a team, YOUR team and watch your success unfold.

David Benjatschek is an award winning speaker/trainer in the areas of Leadership & Communication. Visit his website at http://www.marketbeamer.com/ or email david@marketbeamer.com to find out more about the Freedom House Leadership & Communication Workshop Series that includes topics like "Get Organized!"

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  1. David, you are the best!
    I want you on MY TEAM!