Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Who will you Vote for?

Its Election Day in the USA.

A poll yesterday suggested that today 80 percent of those Americans who plan to switch their vote from Democrat to Republican in the US Mid Term Elections don't actually believe the Republicans will do a better job. In essence they just seem intent on making SOMEONE "PAY" for the current economic status of their country.

The poll shocked me at first but points to a sad reality. Most everyday, I see people around me wasting away their chance at life with a capital "L" . They are busy blaming their circumstances on everyone and everything else instead of using that same time to make the positive choices that would turn their circumstances around.

Every once in a while I catch myself trending in that same direction. It is the road more easily travelled.

The truth is that every morning each one of us goes to the polls on the issue of what direction we'll take that day. In Canada, other than required respect for Taxes and our Criminal Code of Canada no one can make your choices for you unless you let them.

So Please. Please. Please. On each and every Election Day:

Cast a ballot for yourself.



    Respected friend!!!
    Allow me to greet you firstly, and to ask you for your health, family and love. If they are good, it might mean that also business, profit, success or anything will be very god.
    They are all thieves!
    Here are all the citizens share the crooks who got a chance to those who still did not get a chance. Maybe this matrix comes from the slogan "all thieves"
    The devastation of the exclusive of our political life, the most striking, however, comes to expression in the conviction of a large number of citizens that politicians in all parties (the difference may be that in five) are corrupt, we all only work in your favor, as are all thieves. Where you come from that belief, as much as the politicians responsible for it, how the media? And, if it is, finally, does a real belief? (Because, experience teaches us that people often do not think the way you speak.) It does not deal with these issues. On the other hand we are interested in the slogan with which a large number of citizens to conduct its election campaign: they are all thieves.

  2. What's it all about? Thief, indeed, are many. Many citizens have witnessed in how corruption is widespread, has direct experience with corruption, for example, health care, as it participates, when giving "gifts" to doctors. In our health bribery and corruption are sort of our national tradition that exists in our social consciousness as consensual legalized in some countries Lahke legalized drugs.Corruption is widespread. Crime is rampant. People are justifiably outraged. Yet, whether, when it comes to our political life, parties, politicians, prime ministers, it is true that all the thieves. In fact, whether it is in the slogan "all the thieves," which is a large number of citizens' relationship to politics comes to a superficial public perception, mentalitetno coded on our preferences on a treadmill or collective self-destructive impulse? - It is hard to say. But even now it does not matter here. As it is not important or that particularly point out here that I personally do not think so, not to mention the facts that contradict the widespread paralyzing belief, this perception that talking about our mentality, the urge for self-destruction - who would have known what it is .

    It seems interesting and important point: to imagine that this is so, we agree with the story, belief, perception that politics is a job for the thieves. What then do we have? We have the following situation. All parties are more or less corrupt. There are people just doing their own interests, unable, suspicious, dishonest, thieves.OK. The question remains: What about people outside the party, what about those who are not partisan, politically committed, engaged? Well, here we now have two answers, not only possible response, but two answers that are real social circulation, with equal chances of each of them to be widely accepted. The first answer starts from the premise that we are all the same, and that means that we are all thieves. We can not share fairly and crooks, but rather on member (and the political party involved) and those who have not yet. In other words, all citizens are divided on the crooks who got a chance to those who still did not get a chance.Maybe this matrix comes from the slogan "all thieves." Well, now: can we accept this (antipolitičku) option? It is a question for all of us individually and for our society as a whole. (Personally, this option does not only acceptable but, we might almost say, logically absurd: if x claims that no one can be trusted, then it means that you can not even believe that Xu said that no one can believe . But let's leave the logic.)

  3. Gabrijel,

    Thank you for your comments. In Canada, while we are more or less fortunate compared to others, our government is far from perfect.

    But we live in a country (not all countries are like it) where no matter how the government acts on a daily basis our basic freedoms and markets allow individuals the choice to succeed despite what the government may do.

    Our government while establishing boundaries to our activities (a good thing) cannot stop my success if I choose to go after it.

    I guess in short, what I'm trying to say is that people are more likely to succeed when they focus on what CAN be done instead of what isn't or CANNOT be done.

    I believe that each of us has the power to choose our own fate.