Monday, July 19, 2010

Life is hard. Get over it.

Life is hard. Get over it.

My father is 85 years old and last week while attending a family wedding in Toronto suffered a mini-stroke or T.I.A. It is another blow in a storied life, that on the surface, hasn't been kind to him.

My father, born in Eastern Europe lost his mom when he was a very young boy. He wasn't treated very well by his step mother and at age 16, he got dragged into the horrors of WW2 avoiding the mass graves that claimed the bodies of so many of his friends in the Russian work camp that took 4 years of his life.. He came to Canada with nothing but his clothes and an insatiable work ethic.

Don't feel to sorry for him. He doesn't feel sorry for himself. A lot of people, given his history, would allow him that, but he's never gone there.

My father knows two things:

1) Life is Hard


2) Life is so Incredibly Good

His focus has always been on #2 and he's lived a fulfulling life because of it.

It challenges all of us to ask the same question: Do we fundamentally believe life is good or do we believe life is hard?

A human truth is that we tend to get what we focus on.

If we fundamentally believe life is hard, don't be surprised if it turns out to be. It will be hard every moment of every day.

If we fundamentally believe life is incredibly good, it doesn't eliminate/solve some of the hardships we'll face. They just won't matter nearly as much. They won't bog us down. We'll learn from them and move on to receive the good things life has for us.

As a leader in your organization and your family, your focus will determine your destiny.

So my question is: What does YOUR future look like?

Today is a great day to start focusing on something good.

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